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Eagles Are Born to Fly High

Misbah enjoys writing poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.

Flying Eagle

Flying Eagle

The poem was inspired by a scene from a movie that I watched recently in which one friend abandons the other. The other friend let him go despite her strong and emotional attachment with him because she accepted and recognized that some differences can never be erased. In flight, pigeons and eagles cannot coexist.

An Eagle Is Born To Fly High

You sapped all of my energy for nothing, and

Being kind was the only mistake I made.

No one should expect kindness in return.

You crossed my path so that I could learn...

I'm not holding any grudges, and

I'm leaving without saying anything else;

The scars you gave me speak for themselves...

Until the end of time, the heart will bleed.

You considered my affection to be a crime;

Perhaps it was me who was unjust.

I elevated your levels with a lot of respect

But the punishment you gave me was more than enough...

You made me fall down and didn't even regret;

I've gone and will never return; I hope

You find peace in your heart as well....

My friend, I have adored you with all my heart,

And you have caused me to fall apart...

The tears you gave me will never dry, but

I am grateful if they gave this eagle the courage to fly.

We are different, and we couldn't stay together any longer.

This is the reason you gave me; may

You be pleased with the decisions you made; and

May my heartbreak never cause you to fail.

How foolish are you to offer a ladder to an eagle that has the ability to fly over the clouds.

— Jagadeesh Kumar

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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