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E.T., The Missing Link


On our voyage to infinity, we stopped one day,

Visited a planetary orb, a cagillion miles away.

Its name was Earth, could think of none better,

And the more we tried it just made us upsetter.

It all began in Africa, the name given back then,

Was one, then two, suddenly the population grew.

Earthly critters weren't alone, now had company,

Eclipsing those on the land, water, those that flew.


We didn't like those old dinosaurs, were scary, too,

All of us were happy when they left, it was so true.

Seems our elixir helped them out, Earthlings there,

Helped to change their features, brushed their hair.

We pay those earthlings a visit, every now and then,

Giving a helping hand, our three fingers to our friend.

All we get is being ignored by the governments there,

It seems that all the vast population can do is to stare.


Now we must soon get back to our own planetary orb,

The longer our visits here, the more we cannot absorb.

These critters never seem satisfied, to just reach Mars,

They still use dinosaur poop as fuel to explore the stars.

The closest they've been is a chocolate bar by the name,

Until they learn new methods needed it will be the same.

Perhaps one day we'll all get together, meet up in the sky,

Just to say hello, to one another, as we each go flying by.


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