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Escape - the Poem

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After years of gap, again thought of trying few stray sentences loosely bound together, just as could not further block urge to write.

Free world free life

Free world free life

A gap, a pause, a long hiatus..

Years and years of long silence……,

Do you still wait for my words?

From beneath six feet of my earthy existence!

I hope you are still breathing, still listening to the

Morning sweet songs of the lill birds..

Yes, the World is a chaos, and the merciless COVID

I wish the world and life still begirds.

I still dream, dreams of a carefree world

Without the lill ones face musk on,

A world soars high in my dreams..

Without any travel SOPs and sanitization.

I still dream, beneath six feet of my earthy existence..

You don’t cry, I still breathe in your dreams…!

Many lives are lost..

Many dreams are crashed..

Many homes are ruined…

The World is trying to cope up..

Humanity is fighting hard

I just wish the LIFE would have an ESCAPE button …

We could Escape the COVID..

I could ESCAPE my death..

Many could Escape the ruin…!

Still you don’t cry, keep me alive

In your smile,

In your words,

In your songs,

Hope never ends, and the Life wins the race

The World will stand strong…

COVID will press the ESCAPE button soon…

Very soon the lill ones will smile to the sky..

A sky colored with carefree spirit..

The spirit of the WORLD, of LIFE.

© 2021 deergha

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