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Eclipsed Life


The sky seems to be clear;

passionate with swirls of contentment,breath taking breeze;

but inside my cave a violent storm rages

catastrophically uprooting my planted trees.

Here the birds fly up in the sky, jovially;

held by hands of invisible tender care ;

but sooner her wings of love will be slashed

by carefree ruthless souls; no one to spare.

The splendid wealth that this nature has;

golden flowers, the dazzling starlight; cannot calm

the angry tornado and the dreadly flood waters.

Roaring agony stabbing the painless charm.

Pretty glitters she saw and she ran behind;

over soft feathers she stumbled and fell.

But beneath the sobre warmth of the cozy cushions

lied a deceiving voice casting an evil spell.

The morning sky is eclipsed by the monster,

now she realized as if slapped hard on cheeks.

The gloomy sky will no longer be pleasant

Though, mirage is what life still seeks.

- debangee mandal