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E Coli - A Post Bacterium Salute

E Coli - A Poem

What the heck is e. coli,
and how do I avoid it?
I hear about it in the news,
they say,
you find it in your sh*t?
A voidance is the reason,
that the bacteria comes to lite,
They claim people need to wash their hands,
just after they wipe,
Is one wipe enough?
I think it's not,
Many times, I think, is thought,
a person must strive,
to keep their privates clean,
every day of their entire life.
I'm not being mean.
You wipe your butt, you wash your hands,
you clean it until it's buff,
you make sure that the hole is clean,
a job that's really not too tuff.
But, how do you identify,
this creepy bit of Shiga,
Apparently, you will get sick,
and to the bathroom,
you will go.
You'll get a cramp,
you may throw up,
there may be blood staining your stool,
your temperature may climb to 101,
and other than malaise, loss of appetite and mild dehydration,
there is no golden rule.
This poisoning, is quite severe,
and I'd like to just avoid it,
I don't know where it is,
it's usually found on vegetables, fruit juices and beef,
mostly touched by cow manure,
not just on the leaf,
Although, I read about gut bacteria,
and some things that reside in the colon,
Some are good,
some are bad,
Inside us, they are okay,
I read that in a book.
or some odd place online,
Facts are facts,
opinions are fine.
Just between us,
some people think that
raw vegies rule,
eating things,
grown out in the garden,
But, consider thus, thoughts begotten,
my tale of woe, please, too,
where vegetables are gotten,
under some random piece of poo,
or bird crap makes it rotten?
I don't like to eat my corn or peas,
and beets just make me ill,
As far as getting vitamins,
I'd rather take a pill,
so that's my new excuse.
What I don't get,
I think it's wrong,
I've even heard it a song,
I'm sure I'll need to look this up,
before I can reveal my source.


I hope you enjoy reading my poem.