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Dysfunctional Detachment Syndrome

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Tried to look it up on the internet one day for curiosity

Shocked by the results; or lack thereof

Not an actual condition in the reputable medical books

Has not been studied by the leading government researchers

Should be though; because it could lead to real problems

Afflicted a group of lost souls who have trouble letting things go

Break-ups take longer to erase the sting of a broken heart

Harsh and minor barbs tended to hit just below the belt every time

Any type of hiccup or speedbump caused a small panic attack

Looking down at the scale and seeing a certain number

Caused hair to stand on end and self confidence to plummet

Worse than the Dow Jones on any given Stock Market fluctuation

Wondered why some people let things roll off their backs

As if it was just the shedding of some snake skin after a long winter

Or the changing of a season so to speak

Hard to believe that worthless moments and individuals

Lingered longer than they should have

Pointless exes who didn't deserve a first, second or an afterthought

Frustrated about living in a cloistered existence

An ivory tower that many would be envious over

Turned into an albatross ready to choke all traces of life away

Making the past, present and future nonexistent

Decided to come up with a new script or a plan of action

Focusing on the positive and keep on moving on

Past did nothing but cause some current grief

Ready to put it in the rearview mirror

Make it disappear for good

In search of some new material to write and think about

So that good conversations can flow more naturally

Avoid being stuck on random reality show topics

Since the news too bleak to even ponder

Time to let the sunshine in for a change.

Good luck trying to find it.

Good luck trying to find it.