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Dying for Her Siblings

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The business of their parents started plummeting when

Their father took it, the illness was severe, that he was always

Between life and death, being supported by life supporting

Machines. He has always been pulling through the sickness

Even when people have lost hope on him pulling through on the

Sick bed, he will pull through and be discharged. However, the

Capital invested in the business was been eating into during

Those periods and it was not long when the business could not

Stand in the business circuit again alongside with other businesses

What the family members were however happy for is that his life is

Preserved, for if there is life, there is hope they used to say to him.

Since the ship of his business has capsized, to sponsor his children

Becomes difficult, which makes his children to leave him and their

Mother to be living with relatives. Those the children were living with could

Not sponsor them academically and have been admonishing them to go and

Learn a trade, at least to be self-independent after a while since they cannot

Guarantee their sponsorship. They all started learning a trade. The first child

Whom everyone thinks would liberate the family could not because he had an

Accident at the tail end of his training and becomes incapacitated. She

However was determined to make it in life, thence after finishing her training

She got herself a place in an institution and would sponsor herself through

While her father still continues to battle with his health issues. When she

Graduated, she was one of the luckiest in her set to secure employment with the

Government of the island. While working at the place she started giving her

Father proper care that money could afford. Then the issues of her siblings

Who were jobless held her by the jugular and she decides that the best thing

For her to do is getting them established, because if is when she gets each one

Established that things would become easier for her. The first person whom

She wants to establish fell into the hands of the fraudsters. She has taken bank loan

To facilitate this, because she thinks that if the person could be settled, then he will

Jonathan Nelson - I Believe

Soon be of assistance to her, so that they would combine efforts to establish

Others and they would be delivered from the pit of poverty that their family is in

But this could not happened since he has been duped by the fraudsters. It takes her

Five years to pay up the bank loan. After repaying the bank loans, she will again

Take another loan for her siblings because they have presented to her other business

Opportunities. She also believed those businesses worth investing into. After investing

In the businesses, she then took ill, and it was discovered that her blood pressure

Has risen, the diagnosis is type two hypertension, she has been counseled by the

Health practitioners to rest reduce her stress, take her drugs regularly and avoid things

That will trigger her blood to rise. When this happened their parents told the children

That all that happens to her is because she has been the only one within the family who is

Gainfully employed. Since she has been employed, she has barely spent ten percent of her

Monthly income on herself, everything she has been doing has been for the

Upliftment of the family and especially her siblings for assuming she has not that mind

All that has happened to her would perhaps not happen to her. Her parents blessed her

Saying they look forward to God crowning her efforts on the family with brilliant

Successes and that she will be delivered from all her afflictions and troubles as the

Holy writ has said, that, Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will

Deliver him in time of trouble. She appreciated her parents for understanding

With her and looking forward to positive changes soon in the family. As the prayers

Of their parents on her, their investments this time was blessed of the Lord, and

The fortune of the family was changed. His siblings become established in

Their various businesses, they were able to take adequate care of their parents

She got married and was blessed with wonderful children.