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Dying Alone in a Crowd

This is a true event that happened many years ago. Poetry concludes story.


After the evening meal, the residents at the nursing home enjoyed watching TV in the lobby.

After supper the old folks gathered around the TV in the nursing home lobby. The nurses station was close by, several times I looked and all appeared happy, enjoying the nightly news.

One old gentleman had a cold and was receiving a penicillin injection every eight hours. It was time, so I filled the syringe and went to the lobby to inject the medicine. I touched his arm, but he didn't move. I shook him, still he didn't move. I looked more closely and saw that his eye's were fixed. I knew then that he had passed away. That sad memory brought this poem to light.


Alone in a crowd

TV blaring out loud

The evening nearing the end

Tomorrow the day would start all over again

But not for Mr. Jones who died all alone, sitting in his favorite chair

An angel came to take him home to see many loved one's there

It seemed no one noticed, not even the nurse on duty

That was me, nurse Ruby

To die alone in a room full of people still haunts me after all these many years

Then I begin to smile knowing he'll have a fluffy cloud for his new chair

And best of all, no earthly fears or cares.

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