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Be inspired by this one of a kind stellar article. Honeylyn L. Casquijo's very first long poem.

Does the sun shine to entertain me?

I am going to start a happy life

despite the fact

that you chose

to stay in her realm

as much as I knew

I have a place

to you my sun

is always a wondrous prize

I will bow before your highness

just warm me

with that fiery fire of yours

while my soul thirsts

because it burns to the ground

but my spirit lives on

as if she were drawn by your affection.

You're my strength and my weakness

you're my hope and my stumble

if at any time you need to cross again

behind a fence for someone else

just leave me marks of trail

so I will know which road to take

before I go with a shattered destiny.

When your rays of light

seize to direct me to your path

I'm bold enough to wait for your spark

my heart maybe dormant for a while

waiting for you will worth a noble price.

If time becomes too crook and cruel

I am willing to gamble just to feel

that you're still my sun

no matter how dim

our world afar

my love will remind you

that I'm here waiting

for your glow.

When the universe conspires

and takes your halo

just don't hesitate to drop

coz' I'm always here

ready to catch when you fall.


Let the moon

cries out of jealousy

when he laments

I won't feel pity

I'm yours my sun

and he's got his stars

I would set my days too bright

if he dares to take a glimpse

I would rather hide

from my very shadow

my heart would be a rigid stone

I won't listen even he'll mourn

from dusk 'til dawn.

I ain't like a little kid

catching glazing fireflies

in the meadows of a solid night

I won't be amazed

by their glowing seductions

I would rather watch them crawling

and while they're crawling

their illuminations start to fade.

Seduce and attract me

with your rays of light

embrace my sadness

and fill my life with delight

tempt me, my king

I won't resist your charm

coz' I'm your captive

from the moment you rose

'til the time you'll set.

I ain't free to love again

you conquered my feet

as if I'm just a dust clinging

cloaking behind your crystal halo

your luminous ball

is filled with hypnotizing charms

and the temptation to give up from it

is somehow compelling

I'm afraid to fall from your sky.

Credit to Camille Juco via pinterest for the photo.

Be My Sun From Dusk 'til Dawn


I've been waiting for you, " where have you been?"

My garden blossoms in spring

but I've been waiting for you,

"where have you been?"

Are you being frosted

after that long wintertime

and you haven't paid my heart

even a single ray of your light

or do you enjoy hiding from her sky

and just left me with an autumn sunshine?

Though, there were butterflies

hanging around taking advantages

of my blooming flowers

yet they're too unlucky

to sip even an ounce of nectar

coz' even how kind my flowers are

to quench and satisfy their thirsts

but their nectars keep getting bitter

drying coz' they're missing you

my sun!

Where have you been?

Don't torment me

save my well

it's filled with pouring rains

and flooded my deep hole.

How could you be so selfish

and tried to rob my smiles like a thief

can't you hear my pleadings?

Bring back my summer days

I would rather endure

the dryness of my vast desert

than to stray in springfield

eroded by rivers of tears.

The dryness of my eyes

eloped with my empty heart

I didn't notice where they moved

all I knew they're tired of orchestrating

my chaotic harmony.

Who shall I blame

if my heart wouldn't be tamed?

Yes, I'm getting savage

but I don't want to be a scoundrel

and I can't fight the wildness

of my own surreal emotion

perhaps I'm getting crazier

every moment you're gone.

Awakening Autumn

Since the day my sun had left

my garden forced to fall asleep

the lonely maple trees never swayed

and their leaves keep falling

adding darkness in my autumn ground.

The cozy breathe of wind

is as cold as snows

of the winter springs

and maple leaves falling on the ground

are as pale as snowflakes

fluttering from the sky.

If I have one wish to make

I wish to hear the birds singing signs

that my sun is coming

I want to see just one sprouting seed

heading towards his ray of light.

The flowers bloom.


Flowers blooming

And my flowers start to bloom

yes they're spreading their pollens

I'm glad to see some rover flies

mingling around with butterflies

and honeybees

visiting my garden

sipping my flowers' nectars

under my master sun.

Lilies and lilacs swaying gracefully

while the lovely peonies, daisies

and camellias

are inviting butterflies for a date

have some silly days my little garden

enjoy while my sun is shining

let those quails hiding in bushes

spend their honeymoons

just for once.

My friend hedgehog

is out for a jog

in an old rotten log

playing, seeking

some slugs

in the muds.


He found some good slugs

for his breakfast.

For it's springtime

and my sun has come to visit

those sprouting little seeds shall rise

and grow towards

his rays of light

soon, they'll become my friends

who's willing to listen

to my stories of happiness

and pain

when my sun will forsake me again

and then leave me in vain.


When my sun comes and shines

When my sun comes

and shines

my flowers turn red

and add colors

to my thick lips

I am smiling back again

dancing with my sun

holding my hips

I missed him

yes I did

and nothing compares

to the happiness he gives.

Hug me my sun

be my visitor for once

though you lingered

for the past autumn days

I still welcome you

with praises of love.

Grace my life with surprises

but don't ever leave me again, breathless

coz' I don't know how to tame my spirit

your absence kept me longing

for your sparks kept dimming

please take away my sadness

let me enjoy your greatness.

© 2021 Honeylyn Casquijo

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