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Dusk to Dawn

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The velvet dark covered the night sky.

The breeze of the wind softly touches my skin.
Tears roll down my cheeks as I silently cry...
For I have fallen to another unforgivable sin.

I want to hold your hand
and lay down next to you...
close my eyes and feel the warmth
of this hopeless love I can't undo.

I want to sing my heart out
and tell you what I feel.
Lyrics may not rhyme,
for me this is a real deal.

I've fallen even more in love with you...
With that smile and everything that you do.
With that stare, I quickly melt.
Memories in my heart will forever be kept.

I wonder if you feel the same
or like any other who just play games.
Could you atleast please be fair to me...
Tell it straight so that I could clearly see.

I don't want to be forever blinded by your promises.
I believe, I do too deserve real happiness.
It may be with someone else's heart...
Who will make me whole and not torn apart.

But I honestly hoped the night won't end...
For I've never felt anything like this before.
Praying that somehow reality could be easily bent;
As soon as you leave and close the car's door.

As the dawn breaks, let's set each other free.
We have to end this craziness and let go of each other's company.
We were fool to think that everything will be ok;
But I guarantee you that it won't, so don't ask for come what may.

The sun is up as I bid farewell.
I hope that your life will be meaningfully well.
Please do take care and aspire to be better.
I'll pray for you with words my heart would utter.

We can never turn back the hands of time...
We only have the present to cherish...
Hope you'll find your valentine,
And may your love for her won't perish.

Tomorrow would be another day,
Another story to be told.
To the future children we will say
You will also find true love when you grow old.

© 2019 Janis

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