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Duck for Cover

I wrote this when I was 20 and waiting to go to basic training for the US Army.

I’m Chilin chill.

Rub a-dub dub.

I’m in this tub.

Sloshing around the salt,

Churning with the sweat and grit,

Of every days battle for some pursuit of a better sight ahead.

I teach myself something new every day,

Forcing to learn, accepts, adapt to everything within reach.

Pull this tug boat over,

I need a better lift.

Crashing on the salty waves,

Skim the suffice.

Pull over; I need to reassess the mission.

It’s time to assume duties in charge.

Inform your kids,

Lock your windows,

Shut your blinds.

Real world news hits closer to home sometimes.

The house cat is on drug to keep the seizures down.

Your cousin’s battles for life drain the holidays.

But your mother is on life support anyways.

Light a match,

Burn a candle,

I’ll say a little pray for you, too.

Let’s wash off the old,

And scrub on the new.

Exposing the fresh flesh.

Cuddle alone in bed.

Get some rest.

Tomorrow comes early.

© 2022 Francesca Caterisano

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