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Dualities of Men


Whiteness lies, behind darkened blood

A symphony

Drenched in opposite realities

Held together by a string of nothing

For the mind is a factory

Making believe realms

As far as the eyes can see

And books hold power

Stories that set fee these lives

Without dignity, but with shame

And a home is just a place

Safe, but still location

One from which you can't escape

The city of pyramids

Lacking deserts but loving rivers

Sweet honeysuckles reeking of lavender

A confining city forcing loyalty

From trapped люди in mortality

These days

We are all stuck in our own way

Silver doves slain

White doves falling to be stained

For whiteness lies behind darkened blood

A perception

On both sides

A battle nobody wins

But minds were made to take their own path

© 2019 Ara Moonshine

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