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Duaa - a Prayer - Poem on Brenda's Prompt

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry. She is conveying messages of love through her poetry.

The Background Story

A beautiful fellow author, a kind soul, Brenda Arledge challenged us with another word as a prompt for week 6. The word prompt for this week is Tomorrow.

She is helping her fellow authors to be more creative. If I would say we all are learning new things from her given prompts, it won't be a lie — she gives one word and everyone paints a different canvas with beautiful colors using the same word in a different way.

Thank you, Brenda, for giving us an opportunity to discover our creativity.

What Does Tomorrow Mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, Tomorrow is a mystic period in which 99% of individual productivity, motivation, and accomplishment is stored. A time which everyone knows about but has no memory of that time. A time yet to come. Many people say that it is the day after today and that tomorrow will be here at twelve o'clock, but if you wait until the middle of the night, it is today again.

Tomorrow is written as "کل " (Kal) in The Urdu Language

Tomorrow According to My Opinion

Tomorrow is a word that I can relate it to hope. Hope keeps a person alive. In Difficult situations when everything seems to be out of access. Nothings seems to be alright, everything is disturbed, including us. Hope is the only key that assures everything will get alright tomorrow. Don't worry, don't lose hope!

Tomorrow is the second name of Hope

Tomorrow is a Hope, and a Hope Should Never Die...

— Misbah

What is Duaa?

Duaa is a pure Urdu word. It can be found written in the Roman language, too. In the English language, Duaa is a prayer of Invocation. In Urdu, we write it as دعا. A Prayer (Duaa) is in fact a direct talk with the Creator of the universe. What a privilege that is!

Duaa - Prayer for a Better Tomorrow

O Lord, I do not know whether I will live tomorrow or not
Today I have this life, I have the time to ask for forgiveness
Oh My Lord! I have come to you
Forgive me today since I want to have a better tomorrow

I am full of poverty, humility; I have brought it with me
I am a Beggar, the one who has been killed by greed
The wealth of peace of heart by sacrificing lust
I have come to get your support

Laying all the capital in the mire of negligence and rebellion
The universe of the heart is depressed by the embrace of sins
Intentions weakened, discouraged, and dead

From where can I get the power of the true interpreter of the heart?
In what controversy have the hours of life passed?
The hands are empty of every action worthy of the threshold

I know You are the only One who listens to the silence
Pour your love in my heart,
Bright my days, and end this dark
For I am in the grief of the loss

This is your home, the court of your seal
Everywhere is light; I am the lover of this light
I feel Ashamed, I am devoid of this court etiquette
I'm a beggar, but I don't know how to beg for my forgiveness

The tongue sinks into remorse over the poor interpretation of the heart
These eyes are dry and they don’t know how to cry
There are burning stains in the heart,
Which I don't know how to cleanse

Today passed in my mistakes
But my hope is alive, so forgive me
Oh God, fix my condition, make my tomorrow a beautiful one
Have mercy on me and everyone who’s reading it, Amen!

If You Don't Believe in Tomorrow, Then Today never exists...

— Misbah

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Hope For Tomorrow, Because Tomorrow Always comes, It Has to Come, Its the Nature of Universe, If You Doubt to Open Your Eye Tomorrow, Remember If Not Here, Then In Eternal life. But There Will Be a Tomorrow, Let's Practice to Make It Better Than Our Today...

— Misbah

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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