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Drunk With a Jukebox

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Drunk With a Juke Box

Drunk With a Juke Box

I sat at the stool in the bar thinking about all my losses.

My run in with the law, me leaving the church for upside down crosses.

I tell the barkeep to keep bringing the shots.

Because right now I just want to drink until my memories are lost.

I tilt my head back and swing around the stool.

But my head keeps spinning, even when I shout stop it refuse.

Then a lady walks up to the jukebox and selects song.

I was down and out, but the jukebox played a happy one.

I looked at the Jukebox with all the colorful lights.

That brought joy to many painful soul dancing at nights.

Dancing Drunk To  Juke Box Song

Dancing Drunk To Juke Box Song

The song was slow, peaceful and mesmerizing

The lady danced and smiled with herself, she was so tantalizing.

I seemed compelled, captured in the tune like a siren spell

A song about love and heaven, even though my destination was hell

Suddenly my body rose up and the liquor bottle fell

My body was dancing to the jukebox spell

Up and down I went, moving to every beat

I glowed, I sparkled, I moved sleek feet

The lady danced and moved closer towards me

I saw her eyes sparkle, I was afraid. Was she who the devil sent for me?

She held out her hand and steadied my move

And pulled me into her person, without I approve

She then whispered diablic words in my ear

Then I saw the future and my eyes flowed tears

Then suddenly the music stopped, it was 3 AM on the clock

Then when I lifted my head from the counter, there was no Jukebox.

© 2019 Clive Williams

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