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Drum Beat, Heart Beat


The heart of Rock and Roll music, drum beat, heart beat,

Thumping rhythm, sets the tone, makes a song complete.

Bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, tom-toms, all do rock,

Roll the sounds from the start, a cadence, pulse so sweet.

The sax, guitars, add their tempo, helps the flow just right,

Brings the music of the soul, to echo throughout the night.

Satisfies the mood, brings a treat, moves you to your feet,

Releases the emotions, of its commotions, to feel the beat.


A touch of soul and Blues, don't you know, its beginning,

Drums set the pace, for the race, its melody so winning.

Slow motion to the ridiculous, the guitar whines its story,

Tells its tale of love and a remorse, all in one full of glory.

You don't care anymore, what's in store, just feel the beat,

Puts you away in another place, its own pace, what a feat.

With each thumping of the drum, you know what's to come,

Heart beats, drum beats, all together now, where it's from.


The music and the rhythm, all do rhyme, out on a moonlit night,

The shadows on the scene are all so serene, oh, what a sight.

Melody makes you sway, each word they say, moon so bright,

Like the tide, it rolls, each mind consoles, as hearts take flight.

Tom-toms increase the speed, all the sound you need, just then,

Bass in the background, its new rhythm found, fast pace begins.

Saxophone joins in, guitar strings blend, enchanting voice delights,

Smokey bar, candlelit jar, background drumming, enjoy the sights.


Leader of the band, microphone in hand, wakes the crowd,

Shouting with all his might, rocking in the night, all so loud.

Dancers each take part, loving it from the heart, every word,

Rolling on past two, what are you gonna do, as all is heard?

Drum beats, as each heart beats, balancing the music so well,

Dancing and to sing, playing the guitar strings, rings like a bell.

Soothes all's emotion, like tides in the ocean, as waves do swell,

Rock and Roll is always sold, for there is always a story to tell.



whonunuwho (author) from United States on November 23, 2017:

Thank you my friend. Many blessings. whonu

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on November 23, 2017:

A fantastic poem with a sure beat of its own.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on November 22, 2017:

I think that drum beats in music can be exciting and sometimes hypnotic. The music does sometimes put me in another place, as you describe. I love the idea of comparing a drum beat to the beating of the heart.

Nikki Khan from London on November 22, 2017:

Thanks,,Bless you.

whonunuwho (author) from United States on November 22, 2017:

Thank you Nikki and glad you liked it. Blessings. whonu

Nikki Khan from London on November 22, 2017:

Beautiful poem,,liked it so much.Thanks for sharing.

Ann Carr from SW England on November 22, 2017:

Love the beat of this! Don't you find that if a beat is particularly low and loud it actually reverberates into your body - you can literally 'feel' the beat?


whonunuwho (author) from United States on November 22, 2017:

Thanks Eric, glad you liked it. Many blessings to the whole family. whonu

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 22, 2017:

I really like this one. It made me go over and play Fogelberg's "Leader of the Band". Thanks. It also reminded me to thank my son for the music he writes and perform.

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