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"Drown the Truth" A Poem About Politics

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

"Drown the Truth" A Poem About Politics

"Drown the Truth" A Poem About Politics

Someone has to Suffer!

Elections are stressful in the Philippines
It is that season where friends and families hate each other
With two opposing opinions wanting to rule over the other
Someone has to suffer
To prove a point on who’s right and wrong, sometimes someone goes over
No more boundaries, disregarding freedom of expressing personal opinions

Feeding Hatred!

And everyone is pressing forward, destroying anyone who gets in the way like a threat
But he who's is fighting for the seat is away from the chaos
Subliminally feeding hatred to the unconscious
Because Filipinos tend to be reckless,
Sharing venom out of faith and emotions

Literatures are Fake

And literatures are Fake
As long as it goes against Faith
Faith to the Elder son
Who descended from the heavens to save
The cult leader has gathered his legion
Marching on the streets painting pavements in red
The torches handed on trolls has burnt villages and separated friends

Propagandas can Persuade!

Everyone claims to be speaking truth
But who is really telling the truth?
When propagandas can persuade the elders
And program the minds of the youth

Sell their Diginity!

Good are those who volunteered to cast in their votes
Willing to donate trust
But pity on those who sell their dignity for as low 10 bucks
Is it really because of poverty,
When Filipinos expect alms from the boars?
Or, it’s a filthy part of our culture
When the rich buys the support of the poor

Drown the Truth!

And to all fingers paid to spread lies
Good for you
You choose to live with a blind eye
And hell may gave you space and an ordered salute
A reward for your efforts in trying to drown the truth

© 2022 Erl Sua

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