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Drown at last

I have been drowned, i even thought I'd die. But in order to learn how to swim, one must experience it.

Credits to the real owner of the picture


Darkness filled my sight, still i hear.

The voices of people, I consider dear.

But none of them sees, that i am here.

Saving myself from my greatest fear.

I snapped, gasping for some air.

Why do I feel like, they are so unfair?

I was with them, when they feel so down.

Why is it too easy, to let me get drown?

The taste of sea water, a drop of tear.

Daggers to my heart, stab by a spear.

Heaviness led, my way to just sink.

Maybe there, grey would turn pink.

In a second, i heard a weird sound.

I felt heavy, my heart began to pound.

Is it death? I asked inside my head.

Suddenly, i woke up. On top my of my bed.

It was unreal, but i felt relieved.

Was it a sign that i just received?

Drown at last, now I'll never be lost.

Trust no one, for you will be the cost.

© 2019 Penwriteeeer

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