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Drops of Heaven- Healing Messages From Mother Nature

Nature touches me deeply. To her I go for solace and strength. She is my secret-keeper and my confidante.

From Her we emerge

Into Her we retire

When weary with the world

Into Her we retreat

And when I carry Thee inside of me

My being explodes with joy

I feel reborn

Into Light, Joy and Life…..


I carry two Universes inside of me …one is completely occupied with the business of living - family,complex world of relationships, children, livelihood, the economics, concerns, cares, worries,anxieties of everyday life, stock market, politics, baggage of the past and future….

When I am down, depressed, unhappy for reason and no reason,

When I am fatigued physically and mentally,

When insecurity takes over my personal space,

When the ways of the world intrigue, disappoint and confuse,

When faced with unwarranted criticism and the pain of rejection,

When I know not which path to choose and whether the trodden path was the one meant for me??

When I am left with too few answers and too many questions.

When my head is a whirling cesspool of worries, fears, anxieties.

Then I mentally shift to my other Universe…the Abode of Nature. She is Home.

The Other Universe is far away from the hustle-bustle – leaving the business – but deeper part of me. Come away with me and take in the sights and sounds.

Warm sunlight streaming in through the mountains

Beautiful Openly Embracing Blue Skies with Wandering Clouds

Rushing Gurgling Sparkling Joyful Water

Singing birds, dancing flowers

Green rolling fields ………………

I surrender to you, Mother Nature

You, the creator of a million and more masterpieces,

You, the one with the countless galaxies and constellations,

You, the gatekeeper to the land of the mysterious

You, the wise lady who values everything including dust!


I look at your vast boundless sky, sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear,

Sometimes a calm blue and sometimes ablaze with a multitude of hues,

and realise that I have my place in the world safely tucked in somewhere

There is a mouthful of sky meant just for me.

I look at your Sun,

the only one I know, though you have many more,

and He beams back and his rays penetrate my being, telling me that,

‘No matter how dark the night, remember I am just a few hours away

For I go, only to be back and celebrate both times.

And when I am gone my brother Moon takes my place,

to cool your mind and energies.'


I look at your dearest daughter Earth

The brown beauty with her multicolored fields,

Patient beyond measure, unconditional,

selflessly giving to all your children with open arms

And she smiles and says’ You reap what you sow.

And I never disappoint with my results.

My children give me joy but also pain, but I forgive and love them anyway.’

They get, get and forget but I love, love and forgive.'

I look at your trees, sometimes magnificent and mighty,

sometimes tall and lanky, sometimes small and compact.

And I hear them whisper in their baritone

‘Be grounded, witness to all. Give off yourself unconditionally,

seasons will come and seasons will go, be unshaken.

When it is time to shed the old, be ready in the knowing,

that the old will be replaced by the new.

And in giving of yourself, find yourself.


I look at the different flowers, each a burst of colours

Vivid blues, pinks, violets, reds and oranges

Giving out beauty, fragrance and hope to all.

I look at the butterflies sucking out the nectar,

they mutter while fluttering,

‘only look out for the best in everyone and your job is done.’

I look at your world of animals and birds,

a world of harmony, co-existence and balance.

Each unique with a different story to tell,

Happy and immersed in their world,

They tell me that ‘happiness is IT, not a by-product of doing,

live in rhythm with the Universe of outer action and inner calm.'


I look at your oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, lakes, streams and waterfalls

They gurgle to me saying ‘Ever Be in the Flow

Do not be afraid of the new -places, people, experiences-

for finally you will merge in the whole.

And always have deep simple faith in your inner powers for simple us,

can even shatter a boulder if need be,

And though we seem big, we started as a small raindrop.’

Laying my head on thy lap, my Mother

I come back soaked in love, gratitude and calm

and I feel energised, refreshed and revived.

I realize that I don’t need to know all the answers,

for there is a reason and a place for everything.

I need focus only on my Doing and sometimes on just Being,

In time all will be, not a moment before, not a moment after.

Sometimes I just need to trust and be

And enjoy my part in the Cosmic Dance.


© 2020 sowspeaks

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