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Dropping the Invisible Relationship Columnist Veil

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Once a writer, always a writer I guess

Knowledge considered a powerful tool

To keep in the private weapons arsenal

When experience wasn't in this backroom card game

Surprised that my lack of familiarity hasn't backfired

Considered that a plus, even though one day it could happen

Suffered from perpetual foot in mouth disease

Opened it speak and both fee went right in up my kneecaps

Have been told by many that I seem to know a lot

About how to properly behave in a relationship

That may seem like the case, but it's not

Mostly based on instinct and woman's intuition

An ideal that dating or any relationship like a partnership

A combination of give and take that went both ways

Not going to always be that way

Some days one will give more than the other one

And the occasional disagreement will occur

On how one of them talks too much during movies

Every partnership had its share of pressures and strife

That lurked below the surface; how to handle it was the challenge

Going a year strong and have survived so far

No one has put on their blue suede running shoes as of yet

This pairing shared a lot of laughter, cuddling and playtime

More going on than just sheer tomfoolery and physical comfort

Neither party went into this looking for surface pleasures

Hard to define how two people from different phases and eras

Functioned together so well, but take it as a good sign

Age and supposed generational gaps are irrelevant

As long as there was enough common ground to stand on

Best to embrace the open road of this partnership

No matter what the terrain was or the road blocks that showed up

Make sure to bring enough Sour Patch Kids for the ride

We're sure going to need them.

Time to see where the road takes us.

Time to see where the road takes us.

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