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Driving Along And Pulled Over

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The Police Are Doing Their Job

After a day of work

I was heading home

Halfway to my destination

In my rearview window

I see the prettiest bright blue lights flash

The police

Where did they come from?

I pulled off to the side of the road

The officer approached the car

He explained why he pulled me over

Because I was riding the line in between the fast lane and the middle lane

You weren't speeding

He asked if I had anything to drink tonight

I said no

I explained I was coming from work

I try to drive safe

He wanted to make sure I wasn't falling asleep

The police officer asked for my license and registration

No problem

I handed it to him and he walked back to his car

I waited for a few minutes and when he came back

I am going to give you a warning

Be careful

We don't want an accident

Thank you, officer

I got my license and registration back

Can I show you something?


I turned the key slowly so you can see the milege on the speedometer

It read 463,120 miles

He said almost a half a million miles

Where trying

Driving home for the past seventeen years

I put my registration back in the glove box

I put my license back in my wallet

I waited for the nice policeman to pull out first

He didn't so I pulled out slow

The bright lights still in my eyes

So I really couldn't see

The police officer pulled out after then drove off

I do my best driving home from work

Soon I will be home

One more drive under my belt

One step closer to our goal

I hope we can make it

Only time will tell

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