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Drifting Away

I have a vast interest in numerous topics. I write about many different things.


You seem to be drifting away,

I don’t understand what is wrong.

We used to be so close,

Now we barely speak

unless its necessary.

I don’t know what is hidden within

It is impossible to know

Because we never talk anymore.

My heart is breaking at the space,

My thoughts are jumbled,

Because of the pain

The space is what has caused it.

Things seem to be spinning,

Out of control. Lost to the

Silence. Lost to the isolation.

I don’t understand why,

I need to scream, but I

Do it silently within my head.

My head is the only safe place.

Its my haven from the silence

Its my break from the pain.

Silence is looming like

A dark ghost, it is destroying us.

It is wiping out everything,

That lies within its path.

Darkness closes in and once again

The pain and silence has returned.

The foreboding silence that now

Permanently likes between us.

Unable to be broken,

Unable to be penetrated.

Unstoppable, and always,

Looming in the middle.

Stubborn and unbreakable!

© 2018 Vic Watts

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