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Life in Dreams

A beautiful sunset along the ocean.

A beautiful sunset along the ocean.


The Sunset

That evening as the sun sets down

To the western side, I sat under

The vine tree to watch its beautiful amber.

Its slow and sencere and calculated

Movement made me smile.

The whirling wind touched

The helm of my short mini skirt

Making the sleeves of my blouse dance.

I loved to watch the sun set,

The colours from the bright amber,

Deamly disappeared into the

Unknown distance of the skies.

The broad smile on my face slowly

Turned into a grin and I was wishing

It could stay a little longer.

Who can stop the sun from setting?

Who can turn the hands of time?

A stranger within

She walked straight to my sitting place.

I covered the book I was reading and looked

At her.

I wasn't expecting a visitor

For it was almost late at night

And a stranger had popped into my home.

"Where is Johnny?"

Her question to the familiar name,

Made my eyebrows touch the invisible air.

I was familiar with the name

But not the stranger who never

Cared to pass a greeting to accompany

My untimely setting sun.

Like she had visited the home before

Made her way towards my house.

Standing to go after her,

She makes quick strides

Briskly waving her feet off the ground.

And I answered her in trembling voice

Choking my throat with the little saliva left

"Good evening mum. In the house"

Locked Out

He walks steadily down the stairs,

With a smile he welcomes her in

The house quite like a tomb in Egypt.

And I looked like the stranger

In my own house.

Giggling and smiling

They walk upstairs,

Not allowed to ask who she is,

And the tears of rain touch mine eyes

Wishing the sun could set with me.

Up the stairs I steadily climb ,

To rush the time I wish to be still.

But my Johnny shuts me out

"What do you want!"

Falling week in trembles I go down the stairs,

Counting them as a nursery school girl.

I burn bitter inside for am shut outside.

The Attack

My feelings can't believe it.

Quickly I tire and walk upstairs.

A knock at the door,

Makes my heart skip a beat.

And I call in slow sweet voice

Filled with sorrow waiting for the worse.

The sound of showers drop from the bathroom

And I know what has happened there.

With the courage of a lioness,

I feel my cubs have been attacked.

Ready to pounce I walk towards the bathroom

And the two in shock watch in disbelief.

I hold her hair and out of the tab I pull her

Dragging her on the floor,

She screams for help .

Her Johnny runs to the bedroom

Locking himself in.

Trying to force him open the door,

My strength goes to waste.

I turn around and there stands the stranger.

Her hands hold my kitchen knife steadily,

In fear I take off for my safety,

She comes after me furious.

I run holding my tummy,

I don't want to lose the baby I am expecting.

She does not stop coming after me

Her speed turns into a deer's.

A golden horse looking at me in the eyes.

A golden horse looking at me in the eyes.

The Golden Horses

I seek refuge at a nearby school

And find my former school mates.

They hide me from her .

She looks for me earnestly.

They fight her and take the weapon

Throwing it through the window.

I fear her still,

For she looks like a devil incarnate.

My friends guide me to a safe place.

I see myself holding my baby on

My chest.

Walking towards the grand safety entrance,

I see a huge crowd of people.

The royal golden horses pave way to my entry,

I feel fear and safe at the same time.

One of the horses stops at my feeble feet,

Looking at me in the eyes.

I look back at it,

Its stare assures me that I am safe.

I walk into the place feeling happy.

I turn around only to find myself holding

My chest smiling.

It was a sweet sorrowful dream,

For I saw a golden horse.

A lifetime reality in a dream.

© 2020 Millicent Okello