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Dreams are Everything

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

Dreams are cinematic.

Grand, epic adventures

Where we are the star,

And the director.

Where we are the only audience member,

With the best seat in the house.

Dreams are magical,

A trick that even the most seasoned magicians

Can’t duplicate.

A phenomenon that even the most seasoned scientists,

Can’t fully explain.

Dreams are mothers,

For when we finally reach our breaking point

And our eyes can no longer remain open,

They accompany us,

Nurture us,

In our journey of recovery,

Side by side until we are rejuvenated,

And ready to tackle the worries of the world again.

Dreams are motivating,

Dreams are beautiful,

Dreams are addicting,

Since, once you have a really good one,

You’ll continue searching for that dream,

That moment.

You become an addict

To the bliss that can


Be captured from dreams, and

Dreams alone,

For reality is lacking.

Dreams are bipolar.

At one moment,

You’re swimming through rainbows

And surfing with the clouds,

And the next,

You’re a slimy insect

Being hunted by millions:

Imminent death.

Dreams are risks,

A gamble,

For we are left in such a vulnerable,


State where we may never,



The plug was pulled from your movie.

Dreams are distractions.

They are an escape to another world,

A world where we are God,

Yet we mostly never have control.

That is reserved to our subconscious,

A beast we tame during the day,

But it’s let loose to run wild when we lay our heads at night.

A beast that knows us better than we know us,

Knowing exactly what buttons to press,

And when to press them.

We are at its complete whim.

We ask the beast,

We beg the beast,

Kissing its feet,

Please, have mercy.

I had a long day,

But it’s indifferent to emotions,

Apathetic to the core.

Dreams are where you live,

A ghost from my dimly lit past,

A person that I wish would stay there,


In a place which no longer exists,


For some reason,

Remains alive and well in my dreams,

Haunting me

Until the day I pass on

To the land past dreams,

Wherever that may be.

Dreams are everything.

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