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Dreams, My Nightmare


Oh! My nightmare,

I can say this you are fake.

You came to me in dark deep nights,

To make me scared and to spoil my sleep.

It's love meeting you sometimes,

But sometimes you leave terrible memories to me.

You are very precious to me,

But why you leave dark effects on my soul.

I spend my day keep thinking of you,

Why you do not care of me.

Oh! My nightmare,

You are a part of my tight sleeps.

I want to grab your hand and take you to my world,

But you are like a gust, out of my reach.

I want to hold your hand forever,

But why you are cruel sometimes.

Your presence is a charming experience,

But why you always leave me empty handed.

You know you are confusing sometimes,

I am just unable to understand you.

I want to keep you close to me, to play in your arms,

But I think you live in a fake world.

Oh God! can't i keep it close to me.

Oh you! My Dreams! Come to me every night, be my nightmare.

Let me live you.

Let me enjoy you.

Oh the Lord of hosts,

Let my charming dreams exist.

© 2018 Afifa Saleem