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Dreams for Another Day

I wanted to fall in love
But will it ever be right?
I’d known you all these years
But we just met last night

If you think I’m the one
Or the answer to a wish
Remember nothings perfect
Except for moments like this

We all have a look in our eye
So tell me your story
I have one that lasts forever
But it’s about pain instead of glory

I’m a shell washed up on shore
But I knew this day would come
The ocean was once my home
At least now I can see the sun

No matter what we’re made of
Or what we’re forced to endure
We remember our sorrows
And hope tomorrow has the cure

I felt alive for an instant
Because I was able to stand
I see what is before me
But my past is in my hand

I may give it all away
But I'll never forget who I am
I have a place in someone’s heart
But I must brush off the sand

I wanted to fall in love
But I must first find my way
I know nothing’s perfect
Except dreams for another day

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