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Dreams And Life Collide

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An Emotional Mind Field

What we want and what we can get

Are two opposites

They many times fight the never-ending battle

We are never happy with what happens along the way

So many different feelings and emotions

Locked inside and carefully tucked in a deep corner

The harder we work trying to bring about positive results

Disappointments come with a heavy price

Weighing on our mind and body

The burden that continues to haunt us

As much as we think we are in control

There are underlying circumstances that still rise when tension strikes

With no real solution in place

The wheel of life turns

Months and years can go by

Then old memories trigger the hurt and the pain

When the good times hit

They are so wonderful

Filled with incredible excitement and pleasure

You think the old ways are forgotten

How do we finally separate the good from the bad?

I don't think we can

We keep moving forward to reach to a better place

Accepting the tough situations and finding the light from within

That makes every day not bearable but so much greater

Beating all the odds

Taking what is on our mind

Carving it into a work of art

To look at and admire