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Dreaming With a Broken Heart

Poem By Caroline T.G

I do want to get over you.

Except when, like last night, I spend my dreams with you.

I do wish it would never end.

It is really hard to live the day as if nothing happened after that.

I am lost. In thoughts.

Do you really never think about me? Never miss me?

Am I obsesses? Am I a stalker? Am I sick?

Why does it feel so unfair to still be so infatuated after all these years!

10. 10 years and still not over you.

Despite a new life that I love.

Despite a new lover I am fond of

and a very fulfilling occupation.

What should I do about this?

What shouldn't I do?

I want to see you, to confront the idea of you with the reality.

Understand that I have idealized you,

that I have even made up some traits of your personality.

I want to see you live a life I despise and tell myself with much content

" You didn't know him after all, you were mistaking about him.

Now you're done. You really are.

But what if I lose something crucial in the process?

Inspiration. Hope.

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