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Dreaming of a Better and More Peaceful Tomorrow

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Caught up in a bizarre pattern of routine and orderliness

Fed up with the notion that everything was in a straight line

Wanted to go in a different direction for a change

Impossible to do so when your options are limited by society

Forced to live and improvise in a restrictive pattern

Allowing innate creativity to come into play to deal with the generic

Shaking off the rust of the mundane and the inane behavior of everyone else

Have to laugh sometimes at everyone else's coping skills

Realized that mine weren't that different from the rest of the world

Just wrapped up in different packaging and a few extra bows

Starting to feel like the best improvisational skills went on vacation

Went away to warmer and more exotic locales to recharge

Stuck with the leftover ideas that never had a chance to develop

Dreaded try to revive the latest failed potboiler of a thought

Knew that it wouldn't get off the ground yet again

Woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of something

Hard to put a specific finger on what this feeling going about is

There was no sense of order or division between work and home

Office literally a stone's throw away from the living room

Sacrificed human interaction for societal guidelines in current climate

Made excuses on go on quick shopping trips just to see people

Everyone dressed like an extra on Grey's Anatomy

Even though no one was acting or conducting surgery

Working longer hours to cope with boredom and to have order

A task that needed to get accomplished to focus full attention on

A human laser looking to tackle a physical and metaphorical list

Thought about what the future held once the dust settled

Pondered what it would be like outside this 1,200 square foot box

Breathing in the fresh air and not having to avoid close contact with others

Fearing that either they or you were somehow radioactive in the process

Avoided watching or reading about the news due to lack of certainty

Being cautiously optimistic that the future will somehow brighten

Has to get better; nowhere to go but upwards

Working on coming up with a new project in the meantime

Letting the remainder of the brain rest and let the idea battery heal

All that can be done at this point; until something else comes along

Got any ideas in the meantime?

Time to rest and properly recharge.

Time to rest and properly recharge.

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