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Dream of the Imagination

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Verses of the forest

The dream of imagination.
walk in the woods ....
Kiss me sun from east and west,
Kiss me and touch me...
With your poetic words,
the life on the night of the moon that illuminates every hour
light,,,, Drank the air
without arrive being born,


The dream

An antagonistic ether,
He entered the dreams visitors ...
Absurd entities with feigned forms of lights,
They impregnated my spaces of moderate fears

I woke up, but ... I did not wake up,
I woke up in another dream,
then in another and finally I woke up.
I really woke up at the end of the dream.

But sometimes,
I think I'm still in the dream.
I dont know...
I do not know if I'm still asleep or awake.

© 2018 Venus Mary

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