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Dream (The Poem)


JayDee grew up watching and reading fairytales. She also has been writing poetry since she was 12.


Sometimes fictional
And hard to define,
Are the things
conjured up by our mind,

When does it come?
What new story would it keep?
The only way to find out
Is if we just sleep,

It's like walking through a portal
Into a different time,
Where worries don't exist,
And everything is fine,

But sometimes
horrors our eyes do perceive,
For we know not
What we might receive,

Sometimes God may talk to me
Or I would see some one I miss,
And sometimes it's just simply
A rare momentary bliss,

If horrors should come
And into my physical I scream,
Then shake me up and wake me
For it wasn't what I expected it to be,

But if it is calm
And good as it would seem,
Please don't wake me up
From my vivid dream.

© 2018 JayDee


Mark Tulin from Ventura, California on October 07, 2018:

Good poem. For me, angels speak to me in my dreams, symbolic messages, warnings, steps to take in our waking life. Thank you, JayDee