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Poetry to Encourage Us to Love and Forgive


Dream little one of a new world close to Thee
Where the lion and the lamb are at peace and wars have ceased

Dream little one of love all around
Where joy abounds and there is no sound
Of fighting and battles and screams in the night
Just God's love abiding in the hearts embracing us and holding us tight

Blessed are those who walk in peace
Who love one another where strife has ceased



Love Of God

The love of God is a mystery in my heart
Flowing from heaven through this vessel
To the lonely and rejected so they can feel a part
Of Gods wonderful Love and Peace
Reaching out to lift those that smart

Open wide your doors to Love all embracing
To our Lord who keeps no record of wrongs
And the stain of sin erasing
From broken vessels searching for some hope
Freed from the burden and shame of sin abasing

Free to fly on wings a soaring
Free to fly on the thermals
Of peace and love and a life not boring
But filled with joy and hope eternal.

Gods Love Is All Embracing


Cool Mountain Air

Cool was the mountain air as it rushed over my ears
The chill cut into the skin
And drove off the cares
Cleansing the mind from a cluttered life
Eradicating the stress and the strife

A hike up a mountain whether high or low
Can bring back the Life that you forgot to know
Where Peace reigns and stillness abides
The God who is meant in our hearts,
to reside.


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