Dream Killers Are Not a Myth

Updated on September 4, 2020
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Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Five Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...

Dream Killers

We are living in perilous times…

Beware of the Dream Killers, they are near and looking to destroy all your hopes and aspirations…

Waiting to choke all the life from you before you discover the truth about the way things really are in these times, and the way they have always been since the days of your ancestors…

Dream Killers should send a quiver of your spine, for they are very real and very dangerous…

A whole generation of children are now in the grip of the Dream Killers, who has connive them, mesmerize them into accepting the illusions that “All is Well”…

Listen to our current generation of youth, see the cesspool that fill many of their eyes…

See the raging fires burning on the outside and inside of their non-caring attitudes towards life and the life of others…

The Dream Killers have infiltrated and are striving to rob them of a future…

Malcolm warned people about them, Medgar, King, and so many great men and women were killed by them…

Seen them in the eyes of the racists as hatred spewed from their ideologies about their alleged Supremacy and Divine Rights to Rule…

Watching your children, watching you is what they were designed to do…

Arresting your dreams on sight gives them delight…

Dream Killers came after Emmitt, Updated with Trayvon, Eric Gardner and Sandra Bland, just to remind you of a few…

Dream Killers went inside a Church, a school, a Mall, with guns in hands, to shed blood, cause grief, disturb more than just the peace…

Dream Killers walk the streets, rides the subways, hiding and lurking in backways and alleyways...

Driving around and getting around in stealth without making a sound...

Dream Killers have invaded the Senate House, the Big White house to keep fair play on the run and not for everyone...

Dream Killers don't need the nights to come into your life, and don't really care if you are Black or White...

Killing is thrilling and they don't mind being the villain...

Listen with your conscious and you might hear the wailing, screaming, riding the wind, and filling many atmospheres with angry tears...

Dream Killers are in our midst, they are not a myth...

Open your mind as well as your eyes...

Be vigilant, be aware, because they are out there, seeking to have you weeping...

© 2020 Malik S Canty


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    • Bushra Iqbal profile image

      Anya Ali 

      7 months ago from Rabwah, Pakistan

      Well said! Heartbreaking to think of all the young dreams that have been killed by these Dream Killers, whether in America or Pakistan or anywhere in the world.


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