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Draw From the Reader

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A Lovely Picture

Home grown

Catching the wild eyes of any passerby

Step it up

Pull in every direction

One on one

Put the gloves on

Digging into the passion

Giving it all you have

Endless hours of slow torture

Only to work and rework

Connecting on all levels

Stimulating your imagination

Begging for your attention

Igniting the fire

That will continue to burn

Long after the flame is out

Finding the powers to be

Rattling the brain

Triggering every emotional connection

The final leap

Jaw dropping suspense

To make you yell or scream from the top of your lungs

Silently weep when no one is looking

So natural and all out beautiful

Taking away the loneliness

Of a quiet Monday afternoon

Bringing out the pleasure of a family

Sharing laughs and joys

That happened all week

Making Sunday a fun day

Wherever you are

Pick up the phone

Say hey

To all those people you meant to see

But don't get around to it

It doesn't have to be hard

It is quite easy

Watch me

I was just thinking of you

I didn't want another second to pass

Without showing you

I am so glad we could connect

Life is busy

I will let you go

Until next time

Take care

You are in my thoughts and prayers

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