One Second Before Afterlife

Updated on December 22, 2017

As the moment goes by, the rain keeps falling on the ground.

The clock continuously running together with its arms.

I watched him lying on the bed, sleeping so soundly.

His hands were frozen like the cold sounding sea.

His heart rested so suddenly,

And his eyes were dreaming away from reality.

He seems so very familiar that I can't even remember.

I think I met him last year's December.

But I don't know why I was watching him.

For this room is glowing out from being dim.

I felt something strange coming from within

My eyes are falling heavy, with a pain as it begin.

The moon beams all over the long night

Hiding behind the dark heaven's light.

A moment after, the wind passed me by.

He whispered that I needed to bid goodbye.

But I cannot leave him so I closed my eye and cry.

My heart is screaming and I really don't know why.

Then everything change into something I don't know.

It seems that time takes me back in just a blow.

I woke up somewhere in the middle of the darkness

The cold was shivering and I found it very heartless.

Then, the illustration of the past began to show.

And that's how I remembered everything when my fears started to grow.

I saw how I was drowned in depression and anxiety.

I saw how I was ignored by my own friends and family.

I discovered the seduction of mistakes and fallacy.

I found myself searching for the mysterious valiancy.

This is the ghost of my own negligence,

I am regretting this outcome of my own decadence.

Is there any medium to awake from this dream?

Is there another door for my life to redeem?

How could this happen to me?

Why did I let my soul eat by my own destiny?

I wasted the opportunity I had in me.

How I wish to turn back in time if possibly.

Tear drops were started to come out from him.

A kind of sadness that I've never ever seen.

His face reflects the memory of bitter breane.

And his tears signifies into unknown wean.

Why do I have to feel this way?

Why does the sun ends just for a day.

Time went by, the zephyr came back again.

It was dragging me away from the foreground that I stand.

I think it's about time to leave this world behind

For I am not sure if in heaven, I won't be decline.

I will be transmitted away from this real-life.

One-second remains before I go towards afterlife.

No one can reverse time, but only a person can fight the time to discover the secret inside it.
No one can reverse time, but only a person can fight the time to discover the secret inside it. | Source

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