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I have learned that the presence of dragonflies signifies fresh water since they thrive in or near streams, ponds, or lakes. They are important ecological indicators due to their sensitivity to habitat quality and they also require healthy indigenous vegetation in order to survive.

Their absence may be due to water contamination or pollution. Most farms today use pesticides in order to control pests but the excessive and irresponsible use of such chemicals may also be a threat to humans and to the environment.

Here's a poem to sum my thoughts up. :)



Oh, how I remember the dragonflies

the way they fly

and flutter before my eyes

so beautiful as they went up high

and hover under the morning skies

they come in different hues

there's green, orange, and blue

I've always longed to catch one

yet as a kid, I could never have done


the farm where I used to play

is where the dragonflies used to stay

whenever I come, I see them every day

but now I come to wonder, 'where are they'

The streams I've known pristine

Now defiled with unnatural stink

The greens that filled the air

Now's a sticky, sultry atmosphere

where's the farm once so alive

where the dragonflies used to thrive

where's the land once a paradise

Now hast end to its demise

© 2018 Roshena