Dolittle RHYMES

Updated on December 14, 2017

Dr. Dolittle

JOHN DOLITTLE displayed his ability as a child.
Pets could understand him when he was a child.
When he grew older and started his own family.
He became a surgeon and happily married.
He forgot about the abilities.
More focused on raising a family.
They actually were planning a vacation.
But he had to return for a patient.
Afterwards those abilities.
Came back to him while he's driving.
The next day when he's in a meeting.
He hears two pigeons fighting.
He picks up RODNEY.
He takes Rodney to his family.
He later hears voices more frequently.
The next day he sees LUCKY
Who he later considers adopting.
John and Lucky bond more.
Animals show up at his door.
They have all figured out who he is.
They all came met up where he lived.
He later becomes well known.
The animals invade his home.
Meanwhile, John's colleagues.
Are upset because he's ignoring.
Ignoring the deal that is on the table.
Feeling that John's life is unstable.
John is even called insane.
He later finds that he is really sane.
He tried blowing off his gift.
But ended up accepting his gift.
That deal that was on the table.
Was left on the table.
John became a veterinarian.
He catered to his purpose.

Eddie Murphy
John Dolittle
Chris Rock
Royce Applegate

Dr.Do Little 2

JOHN DOLITTLE is busier than ever.
There are more voices and they're more clever.
He has become more recognized.
Getting attention from those worldwide.
He attempts to have a family gathering.
While doing so he ends up finding.
Finding out that his daughter is dating.
He stands face to face with who she's dating.
As they gather the dinner table.
They discuss how life will be if they were more stable.
They plan to go on a vacation.
John goes to the woods seeking.
Seeking a mysterious beaver.
Asking John to do them a favor.
He later goes on a tour.
He sees destruction on the tour.
The favor that the beaver needed.
Was for John to try convincing.
Convincing the humans to stop it.
Stop destroying their forest.
He goes to a judge.
To get permission to show love.
To show love to the forest.
Returning a Bear to the forest.
That bear is named ARCHIE.
John talks him into going.
John introduces Archie.
Archie needs training.
He later meets AVA.
He's supposed to mate with Ava.
He's unsuccessful training Archie.
Archie's later close to giving.
Giving in. John talks him back.
Taking him to meet a pack.
A pack of his own kind.
He later attempts to unwind.
Showing Archie how to impress Ava.
The next day he sees Ava.
Sees Ava with her male friend.
Seeing John and his wife dancing.
Archie sees Ava the next day.
Ava pushes him away.
Archie gets a little discouraged.
Then he realizes.
He realizes who he is.
He and Ava become good friends.
But their bond comes to an end.
Archie finds his confidence.
MR.POTTER tries convincing.
But he fails at doing it.
Mr.Potter tries stealing it.
Charisse later finds out.
That she's gifted with what her dad talks about.
They all save the forest.
Archie finds his purpose.

Eddie Murphy
John Dolittle
Steve Zhan
Jeffery Jones
Joe Potter

Dr,Dolittle 3

MAYA is all grown up.
She is now teenaged stuff.
Into boys and being cool.
Looking to be popular in school.
She inherits her father's traits.
Talking to animals no matter the place.
But one night at a party.
She is seen conversating.
Conversating with a monkey.
While her mom plans on sending.
Sending her away.
Maya wants to stay.
But she ends up going.
Once they get to the ranch.
She meets the prince of the ranch.
BO. Who's the son of the owner.
JUD says they must work together.
Maya has a hard time getting settled it.
But Bo makes her want to get settled in.
Meanwhile, Lucky tracks her down.
Maya tries to play it down.
Play down the fact that she's a Dolittle.
But they find out and all the animals.
All of them come to her with troubles.
Jud finds of her talents.
He feels he could use her talents.
To save his ranch. Maya's his chance.
Maya is no longer holding back.
They enter a competition.
With Maya's help, they plan on winning.
With her help, they do so.
She also shares her first kiss with Bo.

Kyla Pratt
Maya Dolittle
John Amos
Walker Howard

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