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Dowry the Satan of Our Society

I am a teenage amateur writer. Just trying to make my way through random things that keep me busy and away from my anxiety

Dowry the Satan of our society

Feels like something is not right
She could have sat down thinking of several reasons
Searching for appropriate answers
She thought she has to do it
Boy you have been getting on my nerves
She thought
She would leave her comfort zone
To be with you
She will leave the room she painted herself
The house she has cherish as much as she cherishes her family
For the memories
Dreams she saw studying at her study table
You wanna get a hold of her
Keep her controlled
She won't sell her mother's mangalasutra

That her mother holds dear,
Or her father's ring
She doesnt want to live her life this way
She wants freedom
She deserves it
She remembers the first time she got her new room and slept alone
For the first time
The way her eyes had lit up looking at the night sky from her window
She thought she deserved better
And she does
She will leave behind the bastard who demands money for the marriage
The monster who wants to be little her
And be free.

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