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Down on My Hands and Knees

It Feels Good

Looking at the world from the ground up

Fall has come and with it

Here come those tiny little presents

The beauty of life surrounds us

Many people complain

I am so happy to see all the wonderful colors

On those little pieces constantly falling from the sky

They cover the ground and blow all around

Each a little different and unique

Easily torn and get all wet and slippery after it rains

I go around and grind them up

With my mulching mower

Then move a pile of fragments that are left

Around plants so they can protect them during a harsh winter

Here they serve a greater good

They decompose over time

By Spring next year they have done a wonderful job

After I mulch them to almost dust

I bend to pick them up and move them all around the yard

This takes time

I pretend that all the leaves I see

Are money

If it was true

How could it change so many lives

How rich am I ?

Money no longer a problem

So rich that I can just chop up money for fun

I know there are plenty more where they came from

I pick up as many as I can

The trees are still full

There is no end in sight

So I will return again and again

In the meantime I can enjoy all their magnificent beauty

Some green some yellow

I especially like it when they are orange and red

After awhile many turn brown

The funny part is

I go down the street

There are so many more

If other people thought they were money too

How crazy would it be ?

We would be all walking on money

All our money problems could be solved

Seeing everyone outside raking

Picking up the leaves as fast as they can

Stuffing their pockets and soon

Giant trash bags full

Someone might even invent tree shakers

To bring the leaves down even faster

After eight hours I headed in

I got enough exercise for one day

My wife got mad at me because i didn't eat

I admit I get a little too excited and lost track of time

I have put in a full days work

I will not get paid one cent

I received something so much greater

I like to think of them as personal and very special

My own private notes from nature

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