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Doubting Pain

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Doubting herself,

thinking she needs to

find the beginning again.

Doubled over to think

not wanting to show

the tears that are

reflecting in her eyes.

Losing herself to the

agony that she feels

inside of her soul.

Pained by the loss

of what was most

dear to her heart.

Destroying herself to

make the pain go away.

Tossing away what once

was the most important

part of her life in

return for the happiness

that she so needs to

have around her.

Not knowing how to

react to all of the

loneliness and sadness

that she is feeling

deep within her soul.

Wanting to know that

everything will be okay

in the end, but knowing

deep down that it

will never be okay again.

Overridden by the loneliness

drowning in the pain

suffocating from the loss

that is yet to come.

Hoping she can bear

the pain and still stand

tall in the end of it all.


© 2020 Emily