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Door of Enlightenment


'The Elusive Door of Enlightenment'

All prophets, teachers, saints,
and gurus are sign posts
showing us all the various
Ways to arrive at the Door
of the Sublime, understanding
of peace, love, and harmony.

Yet, upon arrival, we let the bickering
of the nagging intellect guide us
and instead of adopting silence
which was needed most, we return
home, back to our mental tinkering

We stared at the door, and went
looking for a 100 guides and found
millions of words of wisdom again
to bring us back to the same handle
the grasp of which eludes, always slipping.

We keep looking for the treasures
on the other side when what we seek
is and always was with us,
in the here and now waiting for
the deepening of our silence,
the evolution of our inner vision
bound by Light in a Holy cohesion.

We must become our own gurus
consulting our inner physicians
about the state of our denials and
our unique sicknesses, trusting our intuitions.

Hence the wise one said,
"Unfold your own myth"
direct experience is the only way
so let us sit in silence, and pray.

6th Ed. Sat Aug 3 9:18 p.m. 2019

© 2019 Mo Durrani