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Persuasion with Hope & Faith - a Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.

Hope and faith always go hand in hand

Hope and faith always go hand in hand

About Poem

Persuading your lord is easier as compared to persuading human beings. When your Almighty is happy with you, He blesses you with endless favors than this world must give you. Since we are His creation, turn to Him before we return to Him. He loves you more than you can ever love Him. Continue with your hard work to persuade Him. Seek His forgiveness and be always grateful to Him.

The following poem is all about persuading Lord of the Worlds.

Persuasion with Hope & Faith

If you are desperate for something,

Keep your hard work on,

Keep striving to succeed,

Don’t you lose heart.

Don’t you lose hope!

Bow down to your lord,

He loves to hear you,

He is The Absolute Bestower,

Praise Him with faith.

Don’t you lose hope!

Raise your hands,

Shed your tears in front of Him,

If not, make your face rueful,

Ask Him you are yearning for.

Don’t you lose hope!

Coax Him with your talk to Him per diem,

Compel Him to give you,

Keep your struggle on,

To impress Him with your endless efforts.

Don’t you lose hope!

Try to be nonchalant,

Try to focus on your goal,

Do it to persuade Him,

For He sees well all that you do.

Don’t you lose hope!

One day He will fulfill your desire,

You will be delighted to know,

You persuaded Him in your favor,

He is happy with you,

Always you be hopeful!

Play your best role every day to please Him.

— Rozlin

© 2021 Rozlin

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