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Don't Let Go


Don't let go, am not really sure I can swim like I used to. Am not sure am ready to cry on my own, not sure I ever will.
I thought cravings were just but people talk, but I was wrong.. There's some satisfaction I get from just seeing you , and its even more felt when you hug me and I can feel you breath, your heart pounding in excitement.
I only thought addiction was drug related... First it was novels but that didn't count cause I could go for weeks until the next item came up... Then slowly you became one..
One that's really hard to overcome, one that's hard to stay mad at..
Don't let go, even if I beg you to.
Because seeing the sunset alone won't be as worth waiting for....
Because waking up alone really seems just lame...
Don't let go even if I ask you to.. Mostly it's that voice in my head speaking, and trust me it never gets the matters of the heart.

© 2020 Amani Utembu

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