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Don't Sit Wake Up

Wake up

When ever I sit alone,

I wonder!!

What the hell I am doing on earth.

Do I have a purpose??

Do I Have a goal??

Do I have any reason to live??

Then I realise,

I am not suppose to sit and think all the time.

If I wants to be happy,

I have to do the work which makes me happy .

If I want to bring change,

Rather than blaming, i have to work hard to bring that change.

If I want to prove my worth,

I have to become successful in my life.

If I want to inspire, raise my voice against injustice and for me.

I have to wake up, work hard, work smart and do something.

People without a goal cannot lead a good life.

But yes we need to take break or stop for sometime so that we can gather strength and again accelerate.

Speed breaker will always come in life, what we need to do is slow down and not stop.

Breakdown is a part of life, we all have experienced it or experiencing it.

We have a tendency to get indulge in negative thoughts, when everything is going against,we overthink.

But you cannot ruin your life or waste your time dear. Life of human is very small and uncertain so we need to do SOMETHING.


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