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Don't Hide Your Eyes

Omar Mohamed Eldamsheety, Egyptian poet...Born in 21 August 1978 in Tanta, Egypt...Graduated from Faculty of Engineering in 2000.

Don't hide the magic door with your long eyelashes.

Let me cross the door maybe I can save my heart.

Don't turn your face away, let me see your lovely lips.

With my imagination maybe I can cure my hurt.

On the Moon I can dance, Look there and watch.

Don't close your eyes, Try to move your wings.

Forget the time and dance, here there is no-snitch.

With your lovely voice, stars will love your songs.

Don't hide your eyes, Don't hide your sweet lips.

Let me sail in your ocean, let me dive so deep.

I'll imagine and write, you will live in my poems.

Let me make my victory to be the son of Philip.

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