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Don't Get Used

Another person here realising that being myself happy is more important than making others happy just because you want them to be with you.


Don't Get Used (Full Text)

Hey you,
Stop caring, stop talking,
start becoming an actual man,
Or people will use you so easily
like it's switching on a fan.

First making people happy all day, give countless helps and then crying all night?
How stupid you are when you Yourself aren't happy and cannot decide what's right.

Don't let your precious mind get used for the sake of being funny,
Or people will just get satisfied by smiling and treat you like a cute bunny.

You worry that people will leave you if you don't talk?
Oh wait, such people are not here for you they are just here to stalk.

That's all I got to say and make myself more strong and mean.
Yeah, I stopped for making people happy, but now I'll focus on being happy myself and for that the signal's green.


Make sure to be happy and contented with yourself and stop just looking at your mistakes and look for the amazing things you have inside yourself, this will help you being happier with your self and you will stop comparing yourself with others

Best translated version of Answer: Love Myself

© 2021 Husamuddin Chittalwala

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