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Don't Be Afraid to Catch Feelings

I just love young love. I think it's the best because that's how you get to know yourself. In short, I'm a hopeless romantic who's hopeful.

Let no one bring a sunder


Feels like...

Feels like we have this mental telepathy
You mirror my thoughts
You say you like the way I think

Feels like we have this great connection
I relate to your sarcasm
And I love your puns

Feels like we have come a long way
We know each other's stories
Reminiscing about our pasts, as the sun sets

Feels like our hearts are linked
I have never been this contented by a smile
You say my smile runs you over

Feels like we have a physical attraction
The slightest touches give me the chills
You always want me in your arms

Feels like we are soulmates
I don't know why
But you also feel the same

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