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Don't Try Too Hard


All I can hear is the furnace trying to decide what to do
The floor’s not exactly empty, but I can only see one shoe
It’s what I’m about now, describing a room too big for me
My corner, filled with the warm air the vents decided to send
The only thing I can take seriously, is what to do about you
It’s never enough to know that you will always be my friend
Getting carried away is how to shock you into loving me
I don’t have dreams, I’m past that, desire has awakened

What I was thinking about the other day is still alive in me
I don’t need a crutch to lean on, not yours anyway
I wouldn’t ask that of you, I know what pride would say
We can both see a gate that’s rusted shut but not locked
I don’t know what it means, nobody came and nobody went
She was stuck in a life that was sad but the bed was still warm
I don’t read from the book anymore but I know why it was sent
I’m still living alone and I can tell you why, it does me no harm

I feel like I’m drifting but the past and future tie me to today
I wanted to drink a beer and that’s what I did, this is no game
You haven’t looked at me yet like you will with things to say
I was throwing rocks in the river to build a lake for us to keep
Moving too fast ends up in the same place, it’s always too deep
There’s no reason to talk about trying, that’s not how we met
I found you sitting next to me and luckily you didn’t walk away
We have two beds, let’s find one without memories to forget

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