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Don’t Sleep Restless One

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Fireworks Night Celebration New Year Party Event

Fireworks Night Celebration New Year Party Event

Sometimes Pink Floyd is a musical group I listen to as I write.
Music can be very stimulating to invoke the imagination.
But be forewarned, nothing I write is black and white.
Not a pen in hand but a keyboard instead.
Fingers fly across the keys to fill the page with what’s inside my head.

Words may sting with a message that means a lot of something, or perhaps it means a lot of nothing.
With a pen in hand I can make a stand.
With time no longer on my side the words don’t always come.
I just need that one sentence that will set the work apart.
Don’t hold your breath.

The coffee is hot as I sip it until gone.
My blood will absorb the central nervous stimulant.
My thoughts will gather ‘round the energizing caffeine.
My mind becomes hundreds of words floating through time and space.
They are looking for a place to land.

Do you want the words to recognize you?
You do want to recognize my words, don’t you? They may enlighten you.
You don’t want to sleep through this existence, do you? I certainly don’t.
I want to shine on like a crazy diamond with sunshine filtering through my fancy facets. Rainbows of color without the rain. Imagine that!

I hear a saxophone, now a guitar.
I enjoy this kind of music.
It’s like floating on clouds flying above all the chaos on the ground.
I will no longer worry about the powers that be.
They don’t compliment me.

I am enlightening my own mind.
I will recreate new life, a new reality, a new light.
I am my own power.
I am powerful.
I have that much right, to radiate my own light.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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