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Don't Say It Like That

Mark is a Certified Public Accountant and a published writer having been featured in several anthologies along with his hometown newspaper.


That's what she said to me
She hates loving me
She hates loving me
She can't get around it this time
I said something she never heard before

I wasn’t trying to say anything
Only what I see
It’s wasn’t what she wanted to hear
Only what needed to be said
It’s not the same books she’d read
She looked for pages where love might be

You were out of your comfort zone
You always said you wanted adventure
But only as a distraction
Now you need a distraction from me

That’s what I said to her
Don’t hate me for it
Don’t hate me for it
I can’t get around it this time
It’s something I’ve never said before

I wonder if you even know who you are
I tried to be a mirror but you wanted to be a muse
It’s not the same thing
It’s hard for an image to be real

I wasn’t trying to prove anything
Just trying a little honesty
It wasn’t what I wanted to say
Only what you needed to hear
I had to make everything clear
We can’t live our lives like in a movie

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