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Don't Overthink

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

Don’t overthink

I told myself as I glanced at the door

And the carpeted floor

I found myself in this place

For the exquisite taste

Fancier than anything I’ve ever known

Sweat shown

Across my forehead

I wished I were dead

Due to anxiety’s

Vicious grasp on me


The server comes toward

Asking if I’m ready to order

For the third time in a row

And like the other two

I said, “no

But I’ll take another drink

She’ll be here

I think

I hope

I pray


There’s no way

No, stop

Not today

Don’t overthink.”

There should have been no complications

We had reservations

For this destination

At nine on the dime

What a shitty situation

To put me in

It hit ten

Where were you

Where have you been

You had me in a funk


From bottles I can’t even say

Why’d you have to play

Me like this


Tell me why people spread hate


We didn’t have to date

We could’ve just linked

Did I come off too strong

Did I say something wrong


You’re right

Don’t overthink

I was at a point past tears


Trying to get out of there


Words of despise

How many guys

Do you play your games on

Thinking I’d put the blame on


Like it’s my fault

These overwhelming thoughts fed

Into my anxiety

So I halt-ed

Them and caught


The problem: it ain’t me

It’s you

So let hell be your next home

For I’m too grown

For this pettiness


Is the only emotion I feel

My future

So bright

Though I took an L that night

As I left alone and famished

But anxiety vanished

Thoughts told me I won

The war between my brain and I


You can put it in ink

From this day on

I no longer will


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